Saturday, May 07, 2005

it was weird though with all the conversations we had at work inspired by health week how little people follow nutrition. I realised I was a freak because I've read the blood zone diet book, the grain free diet, macrobiotics stuff, low carb books, Fit for Life, Matt Roberts low fat, and understand the GI. I almost fell off my chair when one of my colleagues said that she now understood the Glycaemic Index and explained how it worked and another colleague was rapt. just i couldn't understand where these people had been - but in the words of a wise man - you get that.anyway, all my readings of these diets have led me to two simple conclusions and I now have my own diet recommendation. Firstly it is probably good to give up something - like be dairy free, grain free, or wheat free or meat free or sugar free. The only problem is, i'm not really sure which one is the best one to give up. But one thing i know for sure is that every single one of these diets believes in the value of leafy green vegetables. The Jessie Mo Mountain diet is therefore this - eat a serving of leafy green vegetables at every meal (including breakfast) and then eat what you normally otherwise eat, and your health will improve. ta da!


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