Saturday, May 07, 2005

struggles with breastfeeding
i'd kind of had enough of breastfeeding - on demand - and was wondering how to wean so i ordered myself some books from the Australian Breastfeeding Association and not so surprisingly the first book I've read has been really supportive of extended breastfeeding so I've forsaken my plans for abandoning the Boop at someone else's house for a week to wean her. And i'm putting up with her clearly demanding 'boobie' in public. too late, i read that the book recommends using a code word once your kids can talk. however the point of this post is this, the book mentioned that the benefit of breastfeeding is that it provides the great nutrition and immunity but that the attachment is also a psychological need. It allows belief in a trusting relationship to be thoroughly built. Which explains why thumb sucking is soothing, it satisfies a need of being able to cling to something physical. The Boop is a big thumbsucker.


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