Saturday, May 07, 2005

all is not on the skeletal/dental front though. We were having a health week at our department with free bone density testing so after i'd lost some tooth i headed over to my appointment. The tester looked at my answers to her questions and after i'd pointed out that she'd missed that i'd had a child in the past 2 years and she'd found out that i was still breastfeeding, she confidently assured me, from my reply that i have one serve of dairy a day, that i wasn't getting enough calcium. So we did the ultrasound and I had an excellent reading. heh heh. i told her that i eat alot of tahini. What i've actually been doing throughout my breastfeeding regime is eating tahini poured onto sheep's milk yogurt. Plus i eat a normal amount of green veges and i suspect that a lot of people don't even eat what i would consider to be a normal amount. The woman i sit next to at work commented, much to my internal horror, that she doesn't eat leafy green vegetables! Her skin certainly looks prematurely old. (On the other hand she doesn't have glasses. More proof that eye conditions are so mental/psychic). Plus I don't eat too much sugar compared to most people so i wouldn't have the leaching of minerals from me that they have. But it is all a bit confusing because apparently your bone density can change over 6 months and in the last year i've started consuming a bit of milk again and been quite lax on the amount of sugar i eat. Given that I was agreeing with a guest speaker's message that consuming dairy is NOT good for you (esp milk as it is most indigestible) - to the point where things were starting to get a bit tense between me and a colleague who disagreed with the guy - and she had a very poor bone density reading - i wasn't able to come back and gloat about my dairy free superiority because it's just not true that i'm a dairy free girl. Also up until a month ago i'd been doing a reasonable amount of running so that would have added to my bone density. But i've stopped because working full time takes more energy and because it puts alot of pressure on me to spend all the rest of the time i have with the Boop. She's far more alert now so sneaking out early on a Saturday just can't be done and 6 days of leaving her is too traumatic, so i've stopped that exercise for a while. I'm intending to do yoga three lunchtimes a week but i haven't achieved that yet. Often work is too busy to feel comfortable slipping away for an hour and a half - esp on the days i rock in at 9:15 and leave at 4:45.


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