Tuesday, June 07, 2005

stop work
suddenly, 9 minutes ago, after more than 3 months of constant work, my work stopped. Or rather, paused. It's weird. Whenever I've stopped writing on my blog I become too scared to look at it but suddenly, with all that time on my hands, a full 9 minutes, i was able to return.hello blog. hello other blogs. hello unexpected visitors to my blog whose own blogs i've not visited yet. hello people who invited me to a blogging event months ago - i was so thrilled but i was away that weekend i recall. hello people who challenged me to respond to memes - i've thought of the answers, just not typed them.how does it work when you want to change the name of your blog? i'm kind of keen on 'bon vivant' now.and i haven't been blogging at home partly because of usual reason of devotion of time to child and partly because it is near mid winter and i've thought, hang it, i am hibernating, so i am spending about 11 hours a night in bed. (it's very nice). must go and see if that brooklyn girl has her baby in utero still.


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